Wing-Sze and Johnny | Tea Rooms | QVB Sydney

Introducing the beautiful Wing-Sze and super cool Johnny. They were married at a traditional Chinese ceremony at Wing-Sze’s family home then civil ceremony at the Tea Rooms, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney.

Pictures by James – Solas Wedding and Portrait Photography

WING-SZE-0113 WING-SZE-0124b WING-SZE-0144 WING-SZE-0141 WING-SZE-0183 WING-SZE-0214 WING-SZE-0239 WING-SZE-0246b WING-SZE-0252 WING-SZE-0038 WING-SZE-0075 WING-SZE-0057 WING-SZE-0018 WING-SZE-0093 WING-SZE-0262b WING-SZE-0302 WING-SZE-0308 WING-SZE-0323 WING-SZE-0326 WING-SZE-0335 WING-SZE-0391 WING-SZE-0370 WING-SZE-0375 WING-SZE-0388 WING-SZE-0421 WING-SZE-0424 WING-SZE-0434 WING-SZE-0456 WING-SZE-0449 WING-SZE-0540 WING-SZE-0619 WING-SZE-0584 WING-SZE-0613 WING-SZE-0637 WING-SZE-0700 WING-SZE-0695 WING-SZE-0783 WING-SZE-0846 WING-SZE-0778 WING-SZE-0847 WING-SZE-0870 WING-SZE-0871 _G2A2484 _G2A2535 AD2W1329-2 AD2W1491 AD2W1530 WING-SZE-0962 WING-SZE-0970 WING-SZE-0971 WING-SZE-1397

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